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Professional Consultation

Feel free to contact us! We analyse your needs and identify countries where the national packaging law apply to you.
We customize your offer with transparent costs based on your projections. No matter what happened, we are here for you!

WEEE Registration

We offer you free consultation on WEEE and advise you in which countries you are subject to the WEEE registration obligation.
We accompany you in each step of the WEEE registration process and make sure that it is in accordance with WEEE directive.

WEEE Cost Control

We guarantee you 100% predictability of WEEE costs based on our consistent and transparent pricing strategy.
As your long-term partner, we avoid intransparent extra costs and keep your business interest in mind.


Our professional analysts monitor market compliance operations in real time, detect related risks for you. We manage your customer account for WEEE, packaging and batteries. We take care of all the time-consuming bureaucratic processes for you.

Quantity Report

Our unique system allows you to submit all your WEEE reports easily and quickly. The TBA Global international team will report to the organizations in your targeted countries and handle all the complicated WEEE processes in various languages.

6 Categories of WEEE Registration

Prohibited from selling in relevant countries.

A maximum fine of 100,000 euros.

Confiscation of current sales profits.

Refusing to pay the fine can lead to detention.

Consequences for Incorrect WEEE Registration

WEEE Potential Risks for Online Shops

E-commerce platforms require sellers of electrical and electronic products to register with the relevant authorities for WEEE. The consequence of non-registration of products may lead to the prohibition of sales.

Competitors actively check on each other and if they find out that your products are not legally registered with WEEE, they can file complaints to the e-commerce platform or relevant WEEE organisation.

If the seller continues to sell electrical and electronic products despite a written reminder, the user account can be blocked or even delisted.


Most frequent questions and answers

The aim of the WEEE Directive 2002/96 / EC (Waste of Electrical and Eletronic Equipment) is to minimize the negative impact of electronic waste on the environment. It imposes the responsibility of the collection and recycling of electrical and electronic waste on the producers, suppliers and importers.

In each EU country, before placing electronic and electrical devices on the market, you must first register your waste of electronic and electrical equipment with the right local authority and may obtain a local registration number.
Please noted, the WEEE number of Germany can only be used in Germany.

You must register separately in each EU country.
Each country has its own relevant regulations and WEEE management organisations.
But no need to worry, we are here to take care of you as your full-service partner.

TBA Global offers our clients the possibility of fast and legally compliant WEEE registration in 35 countries. After completing all the required documents, we prepare all the contracts, and then, after signing them, we start the registration process for all your targeted countries.

The country-specific registration process usually takes 4 to 12 weeks.

It is not possible to expedite the assignment of a WEEE number. TBA Global guarantees our clients that we process the documentation as quickly as possible and the authorities will issue the WEEE number in time.

The WEEE Directive clearly and transparently indicates that until the registration has been approved, electrical and electronic equipment cannot be legally sold. If you sell without a WEEE number, you may be fined or even banned from selling.

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Our skilled & qualified accountants are ready whenever you are. We help you avoid the risks of wrong WEEE registration and make sure that you sell legally compliant. Talk to our experts to see how we can help to grow your business.

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