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There are different types of taxes which can be hard to keep up with, especially if you are running a business. Our experienced tax experts have a vast amount of experience in international tax, corporate tax, dividend or year-end tax planning as well as inheritance tax and personal tax. Tax planning can help you achieve your business goals, lower the amount of taxable income, reduce tax rate and allow you gain more control of when your taxes are paid.

Whether you are a business or sole trader, our experienced tax experts can help you save money on your taxes and relieve you from worrying about paying your taxes on time. Speak to one of our experts today.

your tax advisors will also be available to:

  • Advice you on estate taxes
  • Comply to the rules and regulations
  • Advice you on how to optimise tax positions when living or working abroad


Whether you need valuable advice on how to set up your business or expert information about property tax, our experienced consultants can help you. We have a variety of skilled consultants that can give you tailored advice on your business.

Contact one of our experienced consultants on how we can turn your business around.

our consultants service include:

  • Cross-border VAT
  • Property investments for overseas buyers
  • Capital gain tax
  • Corporation tax
  • Claiming capital allowances
  • Inheritance tax

Why TBA Global?

TBA Global helps companies thrive in the digital era, by driving operational efficiency and scaling successes.

If you have any tax and product compliance issues, we are ready to provide support and solutions to help cross-border sellers expand quickly into global markets.

When it comes to accounting, you can count on us!





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