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Tax Notice Resolution Support

on VAT Services on with

-This unique service allows our selling partners to receive support in relation to letters and notices received from tax offices across Europe.

Tax Notice

Revolution Support

on VAT Services

on with

-This unique service allows our selling partners to receive support in relation to letters and notifications received from tax offices across Europe.

How Does Tax Notice Support Work?

Addressing tax office notices and notifications in a timely manner is crucial. At VAT Services on Amazon, we understand that tax issues, like ever-evolving tax laws and tax department’s official communication language might not be easy to follow and act upon. TBA Global/ TB Accountants and its experienced team of advisors are fully equipped to address any VAT related tax office notices and support you may require while dealing with tax notices.

This notice resolution service is provided at an additional charge to your VAT Services on Amazon subscription and includes the following activities:

  • TBA Global/ TB Accountants will liaise with the Tax Authorities to resolve your notice
  • Direct 1:1 support for you via phone (where required)
  • Clear guidance on next steps required from you, e.g. VAT payments, return filing etc. to resolve your notice

Our Offers

Type of ComplexityType of Tax Notices
Type 1

Notifications which require no response or action from you
• Filing Frequency Change
• E-Filing Account Setup
• EORI Application
• Assessment 1st attempt
• Reminder to file 1st attempt
• VAT certificate received
Type 2

Notifications that require selling partners take simple action
• Account statement
• Payment without reference 2nd attempt
• Reminder to respond
• Payment request
• Reallocation of credits
Type 3

Notifications that require selling partners or tax agent to take actions
• Reminder to file
• Execution payment
• Change frequency(requested by selling partner)
• Reminder to submission 2nd attempt
• Unauthorized submission
Type 4

Notifications that require medium effort and time from the tax agent to resolve
• Assessment 2nd attempt
• Re-assessment
• ECSL list error
• De-registration
Type 5

Notifications that require substantial effort and time from the tax agent to resolve
• Penalties/Surcharges
• Audits
• Enforcement
• UK blocking orders (VNTD)


Most frequent questions and answers

If you are interested in this service, please respond to vatsupport@tbaeu.com  confirming your email address and phone number. TB Accountants will get in touch with you with an acknowledgement and the next steps within 24 hours.

Depending on your VAT Services on Amazon subscription, services is available in Czech Republic, France, Italy, Poland, Spain and United Kingdom. You can receive support related to every country included in your subscription.

You will receive an invoice from the Tax Agent for this tax notice resolution service. The service may be withdrawn if payment is not received within 14 days of the invoice being issued.

The time it takes to resolve your tax notice will vary depending on the issue raised. We would take into account any deadlines imposed by the Tax Authorities to resolve the notice timely.

Once you sign on to the service, you can book time to speak to tax technical support team by contacting vatsupport@tbaeu.com.

Why TBA Global?

Since 2017,  we have been proudly selected by Amazon as one of their preferred tax advisers to support the External Tax Services Promotion, a program whereby eligible sellers can benefit from VAT registration and one-year of tax filings in up to 7 countries at no cost. As part of this partnership with Amazon, we have been working with over 9,000 sellers from all over the world to advise them and guide them through the VAT registration process in multiple locales. This close partnership and permanent alignment with Amazon teams offer us a unique understanding of the challenges Amazon sellers are facing in terms of VAT requirements.





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We Are Here to Help

For more information and understanding on how to avail the advantage of Tax Notice Support please feel free to contact vatsupport@tbaeu.com  and expect a member of the Get Help support team to contact in 24 hours.

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