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Japan Consumption Tax Guide for Businesses

This page gives the main tax compliance deadlines for a small or medium-sized company operating in Japan with a fiscal year ending December 31st of the calendar year.

Companies in Japan are free to choose the month in which their fiscal year will end. In those cases, the fiscal year will end on the last day of the chosen month. In practice, subsidiaries of foreign companies generally align their Japan fiscal year to correspond with the end of the fiscal year for their parent company.

In principle, a business that makes taxable supplies in Japan exceeding 10 million Japanese yen (JPY) in the base period or the specified period automatically becomes a taxpayer.
Further, for a newly established company, it will automatically be a taxpayer if either its paid-in capital at the beginning of the fiscal year exceeds JPY10 million or it is controlled by a person (including individuals and companies) whose amount of taxable sales corresponding to the theoretical base period of the newly established company exceeds JPY500 million.

Yes, upon filing of an election to become a taxpayer.

Yes, it is available for an overseas company. An overseas company is required to nominate a fiscal representative upon election.

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