Multi-country VAT service to solve your international tax problems

International VAT Service

With the burden of VAT compliance taken away, selling across borders can create numerous tax complications. TBA Global has provided a wide range of automated solutions can handle tax and duty scenarios for your businesses.

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Popular VAT Service Countries:

VAT Registration

Standard tax rate: 10%
Number of returns per year: 1

United Arab Emirates
VAT Registration

Standard tax rate: 5%
Number of returns per year: 6

VAT Registration

Standard tax rate: 16%
Number of returns per year: 13

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Most frequent questions and answers
  • Local Businesses in Japan, Mexico or United Arab Emirates
  • Cross-border e-commerce sellers
  • Import Registrars
  • Business license
  • Screenshot of shop information
  • Legal ID
  • Legal person’s passport
  1. Free consultation for clients
  2. Confirmation and signing of Agency agreement
  3. Collecting the necessary documents for registration
  4. Preliminary approval of documents
  5. Registration completed
  6. Keeping the certificate
  1. Contacting clients to prepare their declarations
  2. Consolidate customer returns
  3. Provide tax confirmation forms
  4. Client confirms and signs back the tax confirmation form
  5. Provide tax return to the tax office
  6. Provide return receipt
  7. Customer tax payment completed

Why TBA Global?

TBA Global helps companies thrive in the digital era, by driving operational efficiency and scaling successes.

If you have any tax and product compliance issues, we are ready to provide support and solutions to help cross-border sellers expand quickly into global markets.

When it comes to accounting, you can count on us!





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