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TBA Global Specialises In Warehousing, Pallet Storage And Courier Services For Amazon FBA. We Aim To Create An Exceptional Fulfilment And Distribution Experience That’s More Efficient And Cost-Effective For You.

With The Burden Of VAT Compliance Taken Away, What Is Left Is To Start Expanding Your Activities Across Global. Speak To Our Team Today To Get Started.

Sea & Air Freight Brokerage

UK Import & Export Customs Clearance

3PL Warehouse Specializing in Amazon FBA

We Can Take The Hassle Out Of Your Amazon Business

Amazon FBA makes doing e-commerce business simple. Amazon handles customer service, product fulfilment, storage, customer deliveries and returns. All you need to do is get your products to one of their Fulfilment Centers.

Here at TB Distribution, we can store your goods and then just forward them on Amazon in accordance with the rate at which the items are being sold. Your storage feed would then just reduce accordingly.

Avoid Amazon’s Long-Term Storage Fee, How It Works?

Amazon’s long-term UK storage fees can get extremely confusing and expensive. Amazon will typically let sellers store between 500 – 750 oversize units in their warehouses at any one time. In order to increase this limit, you have to make an application, and being granted more space is often dependent on the previous sales velocity of the product/s you wish to store. You, therefore, need a selling history for that particular product. Amazon will only allow you to increase storage space if the items are selling well and moving out of their warehouses quickly.

You, therefore, need some product sales history before Amazon will allow you to take up oversize storage space in their facility. This means that if you were importing a minimum order quantity of say 1500 units of oversized items for the first time, you would essentially need a 3rd party storage solution like ours for half of the stock until the units in FBA started selling and moving out of Amazon’s warehouses.

Why Choose Us?

We’ve had a working relationship with Amazon since 2017.

We handle everything in our own warehouses.

Every customer have a dedicated client manager and our dedicated Amazon FBA teams have Turkish-speaking and English-speaking staffs reachable over WhatsApp, email and phone.

Our ETSF warehouses are fully UK compliant, When your cargo arrives in the UK you want it out of the port as quickly as possible, with no surprise hold-ups. Our Customs warehouses at Felixstowe, Heathrow and Liverpool are registered as External Temporary Storage Facilities (ETSF). This means we can perform customs checks at the warehouses, so your goods don’t get stuck at the port waiting for customs when there’s congestion.

Store your products in our warehouse and we can ship them to FBA quickly when you need it. Your can move your products out of FBA warehouse to our warehouses to avoid Amazon’s long-term storage fee.

How Does It Works?

#Our services are available in 50+ countries around the world

We Are Here to Help

This service is particularly useful for sellers who need to liquidate old stock. Our customers have peace of mind that they can use us as a returns address for short, medium and long-term storage.

Also, if you need to return your goods from FBA for whatever reason, rest assured we will receive your goods back to our warehouse for storage if needed. We can also forward these goods to anywhere in the UK outside of FBA, provided you arrange and pay for shipping.

We are here to help. You can count on us to ship your products to Amazon quickly and safely.

Why TBA Global?

TBA Global helps companies thrive in the digital era, by driving operational efficiency and scaling successes. If you have any tax and product compliance issues, we are ready to provide support and solutions to help cross-border sellers expand quickly into global markets. When it comes to accounting, you can count on us!





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